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Wait, what, you have to plan your business website?

Ah, I know what it’s like… you’re starting a new business or perhaps you’ve been established a few years and someone keeps nagging you to get a website.  You start looking tentatively online to see what all this marlarky is about and before you know if you’ve heard terms like ‘domain name’, ‘web hosting’ and ‘SEO’ and probably a few more terms that makes your head spin.

However, I’d like to introduce to a strange concept – when you first start thinking about your website – you don’t need to buy anything!  That’s right, nadda!  Wait, what?!? I hear you cry, someone might snatch my business name from me. Possibly. But can I ask you to take a deep breath for a minute?

Don’t waste your money

First up, if your business name hasn’t been taken by the domain gods that be at this point, it’s probably still going to be there tomorrow unless you’ve shouted from the rooftops that you’re thinking of buying the damn thing.  Secondly, you need to have a bit of time to reflect on what your business needs from a website rather than trying to fit it into the solution being rammed down your throat by the well-meaning biz people, website software gurus and the likes.  I don’t mean to be flippant or facetious here, but there is a lot of noise out and web designers vying for your hard-earned pennies for you to just hand it over without planning and thinking about what you need.

…and the way to avoid costly pitfalls?

First and foremost you need to come up with a plan for your website-to-be.  You need to sit and think about what it is you want to achieve online for your business.  You know those ideas you’ve got whirring around in your head about how you want to promote and connect with your clients – get those down on paper.  These become your website requirements.   These requirements will guide you in your decision-making when you start building your business website.  It helps you decide if you need x, y and z or help you determine if it’s just some bright shiny new tool that looks cool but serves no purpose in helping you achieve your business goals.

…and the upshot is?

You need a plan for your website! Seriously, save yourself the headache, the time and the making of unnecessary purchases by writing down what you want your website to do to help your business become visible and shine the best way you can online.