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Unhappy with your website? You need a website audit!

Unhappy With Your Website? You Need A Website Audit

I’m guessing that you’ve had your website for a while now and are feeling rather fed-up it. Or perhaps you’ve just had your website built, and you’re not too happy with the results. Maybe you and your business has evolved, and you feel what you have online no longer reflects where you are now.

Help is at hand.

Just like it can be overwhelming to get started with your website, it can be just as challenging wondering where on earth to start when you want to take a look at it again.

Why do you need to audit your website?

The thing with websites is that they are a living, breathing entity – just like you and your business. Your website needs to reflect these changes. You see, a website is never truly finished.

It’s like a garden and needs to be tended to and maintained to keep it looking fresh and professional.

You need to make sure the content and information you have on there is still up to date and relevant to where you are in your business today. It needs to work and easy for your visitors to navigate to complete the task they set out to do – to buy from you!

How does a website audit help you?

Auditing your website enables you to take a holistic overview of where you are online and in your business. Your website will more than likely have grown since you’ve last taken a good look at it. Pages will have been added, information and content may no longer be relevant.

An audit helps you figure out if you need a website redesign or if you need a content refresh. Taking the time to conduct an audit will provide you with the momentum needed to get those niggly little bits that have been annoying you sorted, to helping you decide if your website needs a complete overhaul.

How often should you review your website?

Checking in on your website needs to be one of those regular business tasks, like doing your books and updating your social media.

This ensures that content is kept current and potential customers aren’t left scratching their heads wondering if you’re still in business. This could be because you haven’t written a blog post for 6 months, or say, your contact details are out of date.

Regular reviews need to take place on a monthly basis. However, the auditing side of your website needs to take place roughly every 6 to 12 months. This will help you keep track of how well you feel your website reflects your business.

Who Conducts A Website Audit

There are two ways you can conduct a website audit.  Firstly, you can hire a professional (cough, ahem, me) to do the website audit for you.  Secondly, you can do the task yourself.  To help guide you through the audit process, I’ve created a FREE Website Audit worksheet for you to use (no sign-up required).

How to use the Website Audit Checklist

Firstly you need to download, print off, and familiarise yourself with the checklist. Next book yourself an hour in your diary, grab a cuppa and the checklist, your favourite pen, breathe …and begin.

Over to You – Any Good?

Once you have used the Create a business website FREE Website Audit worksheet, I’d love to hear if it has helped you. Leave a comment below and let us know!

Also, make sure you visit the Create a Business Website blog for tips and guidance on maintaining and making the most of your website.