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One Hour 1-to-1 WordPress Training

This one HOUR 1-to-1 WORDPRESS training aims to take you from scared to confident.

This training is for you if:

  • you have a WordPress website,
  • your website is out of date,
  • you’re struggling to keep on top of your website,
  • scared of breaking your website when you update it.

Is your website hurting your online reputation?

I understand – you’d rather be focusing on your practice or helping your clients. That you’d much prefer to tackling the to-do list. However… an out-of-date website doesn’t do much for building your reputation online.

You need to be able to showcase your body of work and the appreciation of the organisations or clients you work with.

People who want to work with you want to learn more about you as professional. They want to see the type of service, commitment and flair you can bring to a project. Your past work or how you help them with a particular problem.  

You need to keep on top of your website!

To do that you need to learn how to keep on top of your website in a way that works for you. 

“Yeah, Steph, but I’m afraid I’m going to break it!” I hear you say, or perhaps you’re wondering where the heck to start.

This is where I come in and help. 

I have over 11 years of experience of working with WordPress AND 20 years of building and creating content for others.

With this hands-on training, I’ll take you through the steps you need to maintain your website at a pace that suits you.  No question is too stupid and it’s what I am here to help you with.

How it works

  • Once you pay for the training session, I’ll contact you via the email provided to arrange booking your training session.
  • Then, I’ll send you the Zoom link to the email address you provide before the training.
  • You gather together any text or images you want to include on your website that you haven’t had the time to add.
  • Make sure you have your username and password to be able to login to your website for the training hour.
  • We then do the training.


  • Your web address for me to take a look at before our training session.
  • For you to be able to log in to your WordPress website, so you will need your username and password.
  • Text for a short blog post you want to add, including any images you want to include on the post.
  • Text, images and links you want to add a new page.
  • Any questions you have about WordPress you need answering.


Over the course of the hour, I’ll show you:

  • How to create and publish a new blog post, including adding images and format the copy.
  • How to create and publish a new page, including adding images and format the copy.
  • Add your new page to your Menu bar.
  • How to customise the look and feel of your website.
  • How to update your WordPress software and plugins.
  • More confidence to make the most of your website.


1 hour 1-to-1 WordPress Training: £47

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