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Do you really need a website for your business?

Do You Really Need A Website For Your Business?

There are so many platforms to choose from to market and promote your business. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, newsletters and of course, having an online website presence.

It can feel overwhelming trying to keep on top of all these different platforms. Perhaps you are thinking that the website is the most difficult and expensive to maintain and you are considering letting go of or not having a site at all.

In the age where Facebook, Twitter and co, are changing algorithms on what feels like a daily basis, meaning it’s harder to gain visibility in the shared space. Having a website means that you are in control of what content you put out into the world and who can see it.

It feels like too much effort.

At first, perhaps, when you’re building your website.

Here’s the thing, you can make as much of your website as you want.

You could have a three-page website where you share information about your services, a little bit about you and how people can get in touch.

Or you can have an all-singing, all-dancing website with a blog that you maintain on a regular basis. That also can take bookings and payments for services, products and courses.  It depends on your requirements and like your business, it grows as you develop.

Identifying time and budget needs

Websites evolve. Always.

Your site isn’t a done article once you’ve finished building it or when your web designer hands over the keys. Nope. The brilliant thing about having your website is that you can make it a central part of the marketing of your business.

You have full control over how much effort you want to put into it.

If you’re still umming and ahhing about the cost of the website, there are many options out there to get started.

While I strongly don’t recommend going for a completely free site. There are options out there to get you started for as little as £40 a year for a simple website.

If you’re thinking, well I can’t afford a web designer or don’t have the skills to build your own – check out the create a business website page for tips and guidance.

Not everyone is on social media!

Gasp! In this day and age, it’s easy to presume that everyone has a Facebook account or is present on one of the many social media platforms.

Again, nope.

I know a good handful of people that are not and don’t intend to be anytime soon.

I’ll tell you a story. Recently I asked for recommendations in a Facebook networking group for mobile hairdressers and make-up artists for a friend who is getting married.

All of the people who responded shared their Facebook Pages. Of those, about 80% didn’t have a website for me to be able to send my friend too. One person who contacted me personally told me they’d got rid of their website when they had closed their bricks and mortar. By not having a website, the people received no business or referral as they only had a Facebook Page.

I understand though; there is so much information out there about how effective social media is, that having a business website may be seen as old school and not worth the financial outlay, time or commitment.

However, it’s still an incredibly powerful part of your marketing mix. It’s your digital storefront window that enables people to stop by and look at what you have to offer regardless of their social media use.

Do you still need to have a website for your business?

In one word, YES!

Even if it’s a one-page website with your services and contact information, you’re still miles ahead of the next business who relies solely on social media to connect with people. Having your own professional website shows your clients that you take your business seriously and professionally.  A website builds trust in your business and also builds your reputation online – and that is something worth investing in.