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Unhappy with your website? You need a website audit!

Unhappy With Your Website? You Need A Website Audit

I’m guessing that you’ve had your website for a while now and are feeling rather fed-up it. Or perhaps you’ve just had your website built, and you’re not too happy with the results. Maybe you and your business has evolved, and you feel what you have online no longer reflects… Read more

Is your website your business?

Is your website hurting your business?

Ah, there are so many platforms demanding your attention as a small business owner these days.  Whether it’s being told to post on Twitter ten times a day to make sure you get that pesky newsletter out once a week. That’s on top of all the other stuff you need to… Read more

Do you really need a website for your business?

Do You Really Need A Website For Your Business?

There are so many platforms to choose from to market and promote your business. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, newsletters and of course, having an online website presence. It can feel overwhelming trying to keep on top of all these different platforms. Perhaps you are thinking that the website is the… Read more

Why being a heart centred business makes content creation easy

Why being a heart-centred business makes content creation easy

You’re a heart-centred businesswoman. You love to work with clients to help them to become their best selves.   You know what you want to do and you know who you want to help. You’re busy refining your message. From all corners of the Internet, it can feel like you’re being told… Read more

Help! My domain name is being held to ransom!

Help! My domain name is being held to ransom!

This is quite a serious topic and has complications for your business reputation online.  Over the course of this post, I talk about the different scenarios where your domain (and often website) is held to ransom. Some of these scenarios – you have more control over than you may realise. … Read more

Are you ready to commit to your website?

Are you ready to commit to your website?

Are you ready to commit your website? That’s the question that has been going around my head recently when I think about creatives, artists and heart-centred business owners setting up their websites. When you’re setting up in the professional capacity or you’re at the point where you need a website… Read more

The ONE thing you need to do before building your website

When starting a business it’s incredibly easy to be swept up in the excitement of setting-up.  You’ve got your branding to think about, sourcing or creating the products and services that you want to provide to your customers.  Your to-do list can get incredibly long, especially when on a budget,… Read more

4 Easy Ways To Tidy Up Your Website

It’s on your to-do list. It’s in the back of your mind that it really really needs sorting out. You’re wondering whether you should hire someone or finally get around to hiring someone to do the work, and would it be a web designer or a VA that you get… Read more

Wait, what, you have to plan your business website?

Ah, I know what it’s like… you’re starting a new business or perhaps you’ve been established a few years and someone keeps nagging you to get a website.  You start looking tentatively online to see what all this marlarky is about and before you know if you’ve heard terms like… Read more